Back pain and chiropractic care

pain management in St. Louis Back pain ails a large population in the world. Even in those who are it terminally ill, having occasional back pain is a norm. However, if you have experienced unceasing back pain in any period of life, you need to have it checked.


Back pain is caused by many different aspects among them diseases, strains on the back, poor self-caring skills and others. The back pain which is caused by problems to the nervous system is termed radicular back pain. Radicular back pain is related to a condition called radiculopathy in which the lower back pain is rendered painful and limited in the range of motion due to a pinched nerve root. Diseases such as cancer and arthritis also cause pain on the back. If the disease that is causing the pain is known, the they of pain will be termed specific back pain. Other causes of back pain may not be known or traced to a certain disease. Such back pain is termed nonspecific.

Classifications of back pain

Besides the three classes of back pain stated above (radicular, specific and nonspecific) pain can also be categorized as acute, subacute, chronic or recurrent. Acute back pain occurs for six weeks. If the firsts six weeks are succeeded by a second session of pain for another 6 weeks, the pain will be termed subacute back pain. If it goes beyond the first twelve weeks, it will be termed chronic back pain. If the pain comes and goes, it will be termed recurrent back pain.

Back pain diagnosis

The procedure for examining a patient involves three stages which are performed by a specialist called a chiropractor. The stages are consultation, examination of the medical history, and then physical examination. In the consultation phase, the patient narrates to to the doctor any problems they have noted to allow the latter discern exactly what ails them. Examination of the medical history follows a path which will allow the doctor establish a link between the back pain and any other conditions such as diseases that may cause the back pain. Lastly, the chiropractor will carry out physical examinations using machines such as X-rays, CT SCANS, ultrasounds and others.

Care and maintenance for back pain

After a correct diagnosis, the chiropractors will advise on the next step to be taken, the chiropractors i have visited in Louis are experts in  pain management in St. Louis, I don’t know of other area, but you can always find one. If there is a need for surgery or drugs, the patient will be referred to a surgeon or pharmacist respectively since chiropractors do not deal with drugs or surgeries. They only deal with mechanical therapies in the treatment of the musculoskeletal and neuroskeletal systems. In most cases, they employ methods such as the use of electricity, massages, exercises, water, heat, cold to deal with patient’s problems.

As one of the oldest alternative medicine fields, the field of chiropractic is gaining ground as patients get to evade the side effects of the medical drugs other approaches employ. For the best results, chiropractors use two main methods called chiropractic adjustment and chiropractic mobilization. These methods are meant to manually trey the misalignment in the spinal column.