The following are the steps involved in changing a broken garage door spring.

1. Put a C-clamp on the garage door track above the bottom-most door roller to secure the door in place.

2. The movable end of the string are attached to an adjustment collar and there is a set screw in the adjustment collar which hold the spring in a tension position on the center shaft. Around the perimeter of the adjustment collar are a series of hole and you will have to insert a metal rod into one of the holes.

3. Before making any adjustments, take note of the original position of the set screw to know if there are “flats” that the set screw should be set into. They are special flattened or depressed areas of the shaft that allow the set screw to hold more securely.

4. Make sure the adjusting rod is solidly in the hole in the collar. Also,ensure that the set screw is loosened while the rod is held in position. Use the rod to turn the collar to loosen or tighten the tension on the spring. Tighten the set screw to lock collar the new position while holding the collar in the new position. Adjust the torsion springs equally to assure balance in the door.

5. Determine the proper direction to turn the collar. To increase the opening force, the collar must be turned in the same direction that the garage door cable passes over the pulley and to decrease the closing force, the collar should be turned in the opposite direction that the garage door cable passes over the pulley .

6. Make adjustments in small increments. To fine-tune a difficult door, 1/4 turn at a time is enough. Balance both springs by turning them in the same amount.

In summary, things could get screwed up, so if you are not technically incline and slow to learning things like this, i did advice you hire a professional for a penny to fix it. I myself isn’t that fantastic when it comes to technical stuff as these, so i always employ the help of a neighbor, who is a  St. Louis garage doors dealer.

And that’s that, hope you had a nice read and looking forward to sharing more stuff with you 🙂