How Much It Costs To Replace a Garage Door

If your garage door has started malfunctioning, you might consider installing a new door. One of the best moment to do these is when you are in the process or about to finish your basement remodeling. This is surely a smart investment. In fact, installing a new garage door produces about 84 percent of the value of resale, according to Remodeling magazine. In addition to getting a solid return on investment, new garage doors will enhance functionality, improve the appearance outside the home, and protect the entrance of your house and contents of your garage. Due to the fact that installation of garage doors is a job that involves electrical work, hard work and removing the old garage door, you probably need to work with a professional garage door.

A garage door costs between $200 for a single door to $4,000 for two or more doors, with doors with better materials amounting to larger cost. Most home owners claim to spend about $ 1,063 for the door and the installation. The total price must include the purchase of new tracks with which the door would move on and adhesives, connectors and fasteners. You can save money and time by placing the door yourself. But the weight of a door can pose serious risks. If you think you want to try installing it yourself, be sure to choose a garage door that can be safely managed.

The insulation that increases energy efficiency and also helps in the reduction of electricity bills is crucial when the garage door is being installed to the house. Doors with high R-value are preferred In this case. This means that the heat can be kept in because of better insulation. The higher the R value, the better insulated the garage will be against the outside no ise and the cold and warm air. Doors that are well insulated will have polystyrene or polyurethane foam in their construction.

Some other factors that must be kept in mind when replacing a garage door include:

Pinch Resistance: which tries to push fingers out of the way if they’re way too close to a door.

Tamper Resistance: which reduces injury risk from components of door. .